Feist Releases New Album “Pleasure” After Six Year Hiatus

Pop singer-songwriter Feist, recently released her sixth studio album, Pleasure, on Interscope Records. With six years since her last album, Metals, and five since the strangeness that was Feistadon, the new record is a long awaited relief to fans who have stayed loyal over the extended break.

Listening to the new release for the first time, Pleasure could be mistaken for a set of unreleased songs from Metals. It is every bit as catchy and even covers a few of the same themes, but as you continue to listen, you come to see that in reality, it is very different. Weaving through songs of melancholia, frustration, and all-out intensity, Pleasure is not quite as pop-ey and upbeat, but has its own strong(and more grown-up) appeal.

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