Warped Tour Brings Back Free Parent Tickets

Warped Tour just announced that free parent tickets will be returning for 2017! For those who don't know, earlier this year @vanswarpedtour decided to end its policy allowing parents to accompany kids with paid tickets for free. Now, after receiving pushback from the community, they are announcing that they will be reinstating the policy, with just a few more limitations. Under the new policy, kids under 16 with paid tickets will be allowed 1 free parent ticket. To qualify, Parents must be over the age of 28, and will be required to show a photo ID to collect their wristband. In addition, parents will NOT be allowed to switch during the day, older siblings will not qualify for parent wristbands, and non-parent guardians will need to show proper documentation to prove that they are in fact a legal guardian. Although it is not as relaxed as the former policy, this announcement is a breath of fresh air for both parents, and kids who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

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