Review: Creeper – ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’

British horror punk band, Creeper, recently released their debut full album Eternity, In Your Arms, and it is 🔥🔥. Playing hard on the Nostalgia factor that has become so popular in recent years, It would be easy to write them off as another band jumping on the My Chem-esque bandwagon. But, as you know if you have actually heard the album, Eternity, In Your Arms is a refreshingly original take on the modern pop-punk/emo sound. From somber songs to more energetic pop-punk inspired ones, Creeper, influenced by the likes of American Football, AFI, and Upon a Burning Body, is far from the stereotypical emo band. In fact, Eternity, In Your Arms is possibly one of the best recent takes on the genre that we have heard, and we can’t wait to see what Creeper will come out with next.

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